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Speedway New Zealand has a new compulsory $30 online safety test for ALL competitors which is having serious questions being asked about its implementation and financial transparency.
On that post Keaton Dahm states the following...
"Interesting facts, Laurie Callender, former SNZ Operations Manager, starts a new company, Motorsport Safety Ltd (He is the Director) in June 2017, 'retires' from SNZ in July 2017, then pops back on the scene with a partnership with SNZ in the form of a compulsory $30 fee that all competitors need to cough up. That's $80,100 revenue based on 2670 competitor numbers in 2016-17 (AGM data). An online database and questionnaire does not cost $80,100 to create, so someone is making money disguised as Health and Safety, and its the competitors filling someones pockets. SNZ has $400,000 cash in the bank (AGM data), that could have been used to pay for the start up cost of the database and the ongoing costs of maintaining the database would very easily be covered in the $30,000 and $40,000 surpluses SNZ made last year and the year before. Seems really dodgy business given the Director's ties with SNZ..."
If possible please leave your comments on the original post so all info/comments are in one place. Here is the link to the original post by SNZ on their page.

This is a petition to stop the $30 charge that has added to the ever growing cost of speedway and the ever growing bank account of SNZ and it affiliates particularly those who have no interest in growing the sport.

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