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Telstra Charge to Pay Bill

TELSTRA customers are being slugged $2.20 when they pay their bills by mail or over the counter.

The administration fee came into force from September 14 2009 for every bill payment sent by mail or paid over the counter at Telstra shops or at post offices.

The credit card processing fee will also rise to one per cent for MasterCard, Visa and American Express users, and two per cent for Diners Club card holders.

Telstra says the fee is in line with industry practice and direct debit payment options remain fee-free.

With revenues last year of $25,400,000,000 BILLION DOLLARS. We think you should not have to pay a fee to pay your bills. Come on this is a joke right! For more information go to www.mrhomebudget.com.au

"We, the undersigned, call on telstra's current CEO David Thodey to get rid of the $2.20 fee for paying your phone, internet, mobile phone or pay tv bill."

"We believe a company with $25,400,000,000 billion in sales last year alone doesn't need my $2.20 for a so call processing fee."

"This will be sent and presented to the Telstra CEO."

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