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South Africa

This petition is for anyone who has had dealings with Telkom South Africa and was left with a bitter taste in their mouth.
Many people, like myself have been paying Telkom for a service which has not been delivered according to what was advertised. Telkom LTE for example, the uncapped package does not offer the subscriber the speeds that they pay for - whether it is peak or off peak time.
Telkom over saturates the market, so much so that theuly can't deliver the service that subscribers are paying for. Cancellation of the contract is made very difficult by Telkom, which often results in former subscribers still paying for a service that they do not use. Customer support services from Telkom is probably the worst in the country, nobody seems to know what is going on, how to help and who to speak to about many issues.

This petition is to get our voices heard by the regulatory bodies and government of South Africa.
We are protected by the CPA to a certain degree, and we should be entitled to freely leave a service provider who does not deliver a service that we are paying for. We request that the law makers, regulatory bodies and government enforce a change that protects consumers from money grabbing services providers who fail to deliver as per a contractual agreement. An example of this would be, if a consumer agrees to a contract with Telkom for LTE or ADSL Internet with a download speed of 10MB/S, that speed should be within an acceptable range, during peak or off peak times. If a consumer is throttled for overuse, then it should not be lower than the agreement speeds for throttling.
(Currently, many users who have not been throttled have speeds of less than 1MB/S at peak or off peak times.) This is totally unacceptable.

We also request that contracts should not contain clauses that protect the service providers from failing to deliver a service or product.
Enough is enough.

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