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Article in the Newcastle herald Monday Feb 7th 2011 .. reads that the hunter region is experiencing a crisis in cancer treatment services and that 30 people with just 2 types of cancers died last year in the hunter alone before even being able to see a cancer specialist.

Waiting times to see specialist and start chemotherapy are so extreme that two men responsible for the regions cancer service have gone public. The region only has about 55% of what is needed to cater to people with these needs. further more the hunter hasn't met the 2 week waiting time benchmarks for over 10 years n it has increased to waiting over 7 weeks last year alone and people are loosing their lives before being able to get treatments.

WE, the undersigned, call upon the Australian government to increase the funds needed in the hunter for cancer treatment.

30 people alone died last year before even being able to see their 1st cancer specialist. Instead of the normal 2 week waiting benchmark for treatment like most part of the state the hunters has increased to 7 weeks waiting.

This is a critical issue as it is costing people their lives! It literally is a matter of life or death!

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