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Having watched the opening ceremony to the Olympic games and our proud heritage in the industrial development of this country, why do we keep handing over what is left of it to foreign nations?
The idea that our aircraft industry will be mainly taken over by the germans or any other nation for that matter is a disgrace beyond belief. This again will put uk jobs at risk and no amount of sureties will be a safeguard.

The fact that the person who is fighting the mergers cause is to receive a massive multi million pound payout should be sacked for failing to represent his workforce and this countries defence prospects, let alone pure greed which seems to be rife in the governing circles of this and every other European nation.

You were elected to represent the British people and their welfare only not to feather your own nests , that seems to have been lost. What decisions you make affect all of us. I am therefore begging you all to think seriously about what you are elected for and stop this merger before it is too late.

We the under signed call on all members to look into the merger and vote against it and the actions of the people who would have profited financially from it.

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