Stan Seymour
United States of America

RoBo Inc. owns most of the Roanoke Valley Bojangles. For many years, RoBo Inc. has continued to support Republican candidates for various offices publicly.

There is always a Republican candidate sign in front of their restaurants. While we respect the right for RoBo Inc. to support whom ever they wish, we request that they do so privately through monetary donations. Public support of any candidate, regardless of party, is not an intelligent business move. Your support of Republicans greatly diminishes the people who will continue to patronize your business.

Many of your customers attend local schools and go by your restaurant in the morning before going to school. Most of these students however, greatly disagree with the political ideology of RoBo Inc. This will greatly hurt you’re the business of RoBo Inc.

We, the undersigned, call on RoBo Inc. to cease all public political involvement at once. Until this cessation has occurred, the undersigned will boycott RoBo Inc.

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