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Thames Water now says Fulham riverside will be a main 'drive shaft' for their controversial super sewer.

If the current proposals go ahead this will lead to more than a decade of construction and associated nuisances, including a total of 29,000 lorries clogging Fulham's streets round the clock.

Thames Water named Carnwath Road as the preferred site for the first time in November 2011, after the first public consultation process took place. Thames Water is yet to fully explain its thinking in deviating from their original choice south of the river, despite admitting that using the Fulham riverside would be more costly and more disruptive to more people.

14 million Thames Water customers, from Swindon to Essex and all Londoners, can expect to pay at least an extra £80 each year on top of current bills for life to pay for the super sewer. You will pay even more if your bills are higher than average.

The increased charges will come in from 2013, if the scheme goes ahead, although construction will not begin until 2016 at the earliest.

H&F Council and many local residents are lobbying hard to persuade Thames Water to move the main shaft site to an area that is not so densely populated, but unfortunately the council has no power to refuse permission for the super sewer.

Residents only have until 10 February 2012 at 5pm to respond to Thames Water's consultation - which is available at: www.thamestunnelconsultation.co.uk.

If you oppose Fulham riverside being used as the main west London super sewer drive shaft you can also sign the petition below.

We, the undersigned, oppose Thames Water's proposal to use the Fulham riverside and in particular the residential area around Carnwath Road as the main west London super sewer drive shaft as we believe there are other better alternatives that are less disruptive and would negatively impact on far fewer people.

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