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High School dropouts obtain a significantly smaller amount of money for an average annual income then if they had continued on through high school and continued in the career of their choice.

Within the recent twenty years, the earning level of dropouts doubled and it has almost tripled for college graduates. Students who have recently dropped out will earn approximately $200,000 less than high school graduates and over $800,000 less than college graduates in their lifetime.

Employment opportunities decrease to lower level job types that are usually left available to all those people who are uneducated or have a limited education. Even with these staggering statistics, 2,500 students drop out of high school every day.

To guarantee that students would not be allowed to drop out of high school, guidelines and restrictions must be set not only buy teachers and parents but also higher restrictions must be set by the government. Government officials need to hire and train more teachers and school staff members to keep the ration between students and teachers lowers so there teachers per students so that there are not as many students in one classroom so that the students can have a one to one conversation and get the required help if the student needs it and does not have to feel uncomfortable about it. If teenagers dropout of school, they are left alone and unsupervised all day long causing trouble for innocent people and sometimes it gets the police involved.

It is not acceptable having all of these dropouts doing nothing with their lives and it may be acceptable to the government as of now, but in the future, laws will be passed ensuring that our economy stays strong keeping students at school getting a proper education and successfully getting through their life and their specific career path.

We, the undersigned, call on the United States Government to take action to eliminate the ability for students to drop out of their high school. In doing this, a greater number of students will earn a degree and move on with their life into a future career and better opportunities rather than if they were able to take the easy way out and just drop out of school.

In order to keep high school students in school and out of trouble, restrictions must be placed so that students are able to build their future and be successful in life and not cause problems to society.

We ask that the government create a law so that a student does not have the option of taking this route and keep our society in growing smarter and being more successful.

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