#Human Rights
People of All Nations
United States of America

Do you think it is right to extract stem cells from an embryo while in the process killing it? Embryos are humans. It is murder!

I may only be 13, but even i know that an embryo is a human. Are you willing to let Stem Cell Research murder what we once started out as? I can only do little to fight.

Somewhere I hope that there is someone bigger than me that will make an even bigger impact about this petition.

I don't want to see embryos killed so that a scientist can research the stem cell and find out that they were wrong about their theory. Even if they were correct about their hypothesis. They would keep using the embryos!

Stem Cell Research does not understand that embryos are humans! That small embryo could of created something wonderful for the world without death. Those embryos could of been someone if only they had the stem cells that were ripped out of them! Please support Bush. I am grateful that he used the veto power on Stem-Cell Research bill.

Please sign.

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