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I found this letter online and as a US Marine it broke my heart, "My name is Chris Madsen. In 1959 I joined the United States Marine Corps. I proudly wore the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor until 1974, and will always bear the title of "United States Marine".

On 12 September 2007, at noon, I went to the attendance office of Carl Wunsche Sr. High School, in Spring ISD, Spring Texas to sign my grand daughter out. (I am her guardian.). When asked, I told the attendance lady, she would be back Monday, that she was going with me to San Diego to see my grandson become a Marine. On leaving she made a comment "I would be hearing from the D.A."

On September 14, 2007, my grandson finished 13 weeks of boot camp at Marine Corps Recruit Depot San Diego, and earned the title of "Marine". For those who are unfamiliar with traditions and ritual of the Marine Corps family, earning the Eagle, Globe and Anchor can be likened to 1st communion for a Catholic family, or a Bar Mitzvah for a Jewish family. Pomp and circumstance is foremost and it is time for a family to celebrate a boy becoming a man.

On Thursday, September 13, over two thousand proud parents, families, and friends watched close to 900 young men be given and Eagle, Globe, and Anchor to secure to there caps for the first time. For the last 13 weeks of grueling boot camp they had been recruits. Finally they were given the right to wear the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor. While many family members cried, coincidentally the wind blew up just enough for many combat veterans to get something in their eyes that needed wiping away. We then got to spend the next four hours on base with our loved ones. (Base liberty as it is called.)

On Friday, once again the band played, the Marines did a pass in review, honors were given, and the outstanding boots were recognized. The Commanding Officer gave a brief talk to the young Marines, and they were dismissed. You can not imagine how proud I was of PFC John Scott!

And a new group of 900 young Marines started the journey of becoming part of the most respected warriors in modern history.

On October 12, I received the following:

"RE: The State of Texas
Chris Madsen

The referenced person, was charged on 9/14/07 with violation(s) of Texas Law to Wit; Parent Contributing to Nonattendance

In accordance with the aforementioned provision, you are hereby notified to appear with your child on Tuesday, November 06, 2007 at 01:01 p.m."

Note the time 01:01P.M.

She is going to have to miss half a day of school for this ?????

Do I as a parent / guardian of a child have no right to say what is important for my child??

Skye is a high-school junior at Wunsche Academy. She is taking four honors classes and three regular classes. Her report card for the first six weeks was all A's and B's. (3 A's 4 B's.) They are issued laptop computers, and all of their homework is assigned via the internet on a program called "blackboard".

(She has also been sited for truancy.) There is definitely something wrong with our system, when I see all these kids running around the malls and streets, playing "hooky" and we have to go to court for participating in a rite of passage. But....this is what we fight and die to protect. "

We, the undersigned, call on the Great State Of Texas to Dismiss the Case of "the State Of Texas vs. Chris Madsen".

As Americans and Proud supporters of a free society, we believe that it would be a gross injustice to prosecute Mr Madsen for allowing his grand daughter to go see her brother graduate Marine Corps Basic Training.

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