#Neighborhood Living
Spring Valley Lake Association
United States of America

We as a neighborhood will be negatively impacting in many ways by the the 70+ foot cell tower proposed by The Spring Valley Lake Association President and Board Members, which will standout over our beautiful lake and land.
1. This plan was done behind our backs with no communication to the members and residents of this community.
2. Cell towers are dangerous as they omit Radio Frequency Radiation (RFR). This poses an unwanted risk to the health of our families and especially young children.
3. Aesthetics, this tower will reach beyond the tree line and be an eye sore.
4. The 70+ foot tower, driveway, and security fence will lower our property values today.
5. The parking area will created an unwanted nuisance and trash.
6. They will cut down many mature trees in order to develop all of this.
7. It will ruin all the natural beauty of our community.
8. It will decimate our home values.
9. Take action and sign this petition to stop this cell tower now. We will present this petition to The Spring Valley Lake Association President and Board Members,
Be on alert and watch your mail for the cell phone companies announcements,

We, the undersigned call on The Spring Valley Lake Association Board Members to stop the construction of The 70+ foot cell tower today!

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