South Australian Parliament

We draw your attention to the current restricted shopping hours in metropolitan and regional South Australia. As governed by ‘The Shop Trading Hours Act 1977’, retail shopping hours are limited on Public Holidays, and set days of the year;

(6) Subject to this section, shops in shopping districts (other than shops within the ambit
of subsection (5e)) must be closed—
(a) on 1 January, Easter Sunday, 25 December and 26 December in any year; and
(b) on all other days that are public holidays in any year.

It is a consensus of the undersigned that the closure of stores on these prescribed days is a disadvantage to the South Australian Economy, as well as consumers and traders alike. It has been noted by members of parliament and other professional bodies throughout South Australia, that the limited opening hours for stores in South Australia is cause for concern and potentially robs local business of revenue from both tourists and residents, creates confusion among consumers and minimises access to wages and jobs that would have been otherwise earned.

We the petitioners therefore request that ‘The Shop Trading Hours Act 1977’ is reviewed and amended to reflect public holiday closures that are inline with other states in Australia.

We believe that trading on certain Public Holidays is of benefit to the general community as it generates revenue for the state, creates more employment opportunities, relieves consumer confusion over public holiday periods and alleviates the massive amount of congestion caused by desperate consumers on the days following restrictive closures.

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