#Human Rights
Dr Jan Wright - Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment
New Zealand

NZers are being forced to have smart meters installed without consultation or choice, in total disregard for what they believe are their human rights:

* to protect themselves and their family from hazards to health and safety;
* to choose what is installed in their homes;
* to protect their economic interests;
* to protect their privacy;
* to have access to adequate information to enable the right to making informed choices according to individual wishes and needs.

There are many concerns regarding smart meters including;

* health issues, including radiation;
* additional cost on households,
* the additional costs of time of use tariffs would impose on households;
* the accuracy of smart meters and the inability of households to check energy consumption levels;
* that installers of smart meters may not be appropriately qualified;
* individuals making it known that they did not want a smart meter installed at their property, or wanted their meter removed being totally disregarded
* problems with wiring, the possibility of fires developing and the loss of appliances following installation and consumers rights for replacement of their assets and appliances
* insurance concerns
* privacy of data collected and concerns over hacking of the system to name the main concerns.

We look forward to your support and passing this to citizens concerned about their basic rights.

We, the undersigned, call on Dr Jan Wright - Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment and the Government of New Zealand to halt the installation of any further Smartmeters in New Zealand immediately, and to turn off all communication with meters already installed.

In addition we also call for the removal of any meters where the householder requests it due to an infringement of their rights.

The STOP SMART METERS IN NZ petition to Dr Jan Wright - Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment was written by Paulette Marsh and is in the category Human Rights at GoPetition.