#Animal Rights
Humane Society

Inhumane, cruel, slaughter of horses, transported for days with out food or water, forced with electric, probes to go single file into a killing box and shot in the head. No compassion, slaughter houses making money by using the cheapest method to kill horses, no compassion to bother to give them water or food, the animals are panicking trying to step back from where they will be killed. No one would allow this if they saw how sickening this process is, for dog food, a lot of the horse meat does not qualify for human consumption, I have heard some of these horses are sold at auction for 5.00, to the killer bids, for slaughter. This is sickening, there must be a public outcry. People need to know, media, Tv. Internet, we have to let everyone know, these poor animals, have no rights, please lets do something now!

Horses auctioned off to killer bids( slaughter house) for small amounts such as 5.00. they are transported from the states to slaughter houses in Alberta, Quebec. Absolutely no compassion, no water, no food for days, then they are led single file into the killing box where they are shot in the head. Most of the meat goes for dog food, due to lack of inspectors, much of the meat can not be used for human consumption. Poor innocent animals can smell and sense death, they back up but are giving shocks with an electric probe, they are hit and abused as they are forced to line up for death, These animals have feelings such as fear, anxiety ,panic, no animal wants to die. Why such sickening, inhumane treatment, because they want to keep their cost low, and make money off the suffering and death of these beautiful horses,( they can live to 40 yrs old) they kill all the same, without regard for age or life. We are these horses only voice, only hope, it has to stop now, we have to protect these animals, everyone should have awareness of this disgusting practice,I will fight to help save these animals, they deserve to live and no one has the right to kill senselessly! NO ONE!

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