#Human Rights
Methodist Hospital of Illinois
United States of America

I had requested the medical documents from the Methodist Hospital of Illinois regarding my daughter, in concern with any defamation my ex-husband may have said about me upon her admittance.

I did not get the opportunity to speak in any family meeting regarding my daughters depression, which sheds light on my daughters current stressors, living situations, risks and so forth.

I was quoted as having minimal contact apparently any phone calls, e-mails attempts to speak with any persons regarding my daughter was left unacknowledged. I also was in disadvantage due to not being notified of my daughter being admitted to the hospital until days later, as I have joint custody and my daughter was in my ex husbands care at the time.

My concerns were made valid when I received the requested medical documentation. At this time I am requesting to have all inaccurate information about me struck from the records.

I expected to read about all the misleading information submitted but was shocked that my sexual orientation is discriminatorily listed as a risk factor, major problem, history of present illness, mental status/psychiatric symptom, reason/precipitating event for admission in regards of my daughter.

To: Michael Bryant
President and CEO

Methodist Hospital

Re: In reference to sexual orientation discrimination.

We, the undersigned, express our sincere concern regarding sexual orientation discrimination.

We have been made fully aware of the fact that the Methodist Medical Center of Illinois listed Tamora Rickie Britton’s sexual orientation as a risk factor, major problem, present illness, mental status and psychiatric symptom, and a reason for precipitating event for admission in reference to her daughter whom was hospitalized of November, 11 2007.

We the undersigned are seeking to have such discrimination struck from the medical records and demand that this discrimination is not to be repeated concerning any gay, lesbian, bi- sexual and or transgender persons.

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