#Gender Rights and Issues
Mansfield School Department
United States of America

In our school system, girls are limited in terms of what they are allowed to wear because wearing short skirts/shorts and tank tops is "distracting to others." Instead, the School Department should be spending more time on redirecting others' focus off of our clothing choices and onto their education.

As a girl, I shouldn't have to worry about getting "caught" for my choice of clothing during the hot months of the school year. We are twelve to fourteen year old girls. We shouldn't be sexualized by male faculty and students just because we want to keep cool. Speaking of male students, we have observed that while female students have harsh rules about how they dress, male students have next to none.

This seems very unfair, because it sets girls up to be uncomfortable with their bodies while it makes boys believe that they have more rights and maybe even are superior to girls. Now, this isn't only a matter of rights of women, but human rights in general because it goes against The Bill Of Rights.

While we disagree with the Department's rules and would like to change them, we still want the female students to respect their own bodies by knowing the difference between expressing their individuality through their clothing and abusing their privilege of not having such a strict dress code.

By signing this petition, I agree that girls in Mansfield Public Schools deserve the right to express their uniqueness without having to worry about getting called out on wearing too short of shorts or tank tops.

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