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New Hampshire State Fish and Game Department
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An adorable family of four black bears, the cubs no more than 2 years of age, were featured on WMUR News 9 on May 25th, 2017. Being guilty of no more than hunger and curiosity, they have been condemned to a fearful trapping and bullet to the head execution. Their condemnation was handed down by a so-called "wildlife expert" enlisted to aid the State of New Hampshire Fish and Game Department on this witch hunt. This "expert" claims these bears do not fear humans as they should because the persons in the neighborhood which these bears roam have been feeding them. There have been no incidences of bear attacks or destruction -- however, the minor baby bear tussle with a garbage can or bathing in someone's bird bath; but the second someone leaves a backdoor open and food likely out on a counter an entire bear family has to senselessly die. According to News 9 WMUR, a bear reportedly entered a home in Hanover to help himself to some goodies left out and left on his own accord, happy as a clam I bet. This bear did not commit a crime. There was no breaking, only entering. He ate some goodies that he saw. Would we all? They were out in the open, he didn't need a warrant for that and he left without serious damage to the premise nor endangering the welfare of a person or housepet.
I propose the State takes the money they plan on spending on 4 tranqs, 4 bullets, and gas to Hanover to teach the persons who occupy this home how to lock their doors and properly store their garbage in order to avoid this situation in the future.
All joking aside now ... this is truly a serious matter. This family of 4 are doing nothing that a family of 4 humans wouldn't do. They are trying to survive in a world that is more unjust than it is fair. A world that is more inhumane than it is morally comprehensible.
Please sign this petition NOW. The Hanover Bear Family is running out of time.
We need to show mercy where mercy should be shown and know that when something's wrong, it's truly wrong.

We, the undersigned, call on the State of New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game to act of sound and moral mind and halt the unjust execution of the Hanover, NH bear family of four. All signatures were collected in effort to put a stop to this immoral and inhumane act and to let it be known that we, the people, will not stand for such acts of cruelty against the innocent. We request the relocation of the Hanover, NH bear family where no harm is to come to them in capture, transport or release.

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