United States of America
United States of America

"The Affordable Health Care for America Act" is presently on the senate floor.

The reported price tag is 1.3 trillion dollars House passed healthcare proposal is harmful to taxpayers, seniors, and businesses.

Funding for abortion and benefits for illegal aliens is unclear.

Tort Reform is not addressed.

Medicare is being cut by $500 billion dollars.

Simply put this 2,000 page, $1.3 trillion House-passed health care proposal will be harmful to taxpayers, seniors and businesses.

The health reform measure increases spending at a time when our levels of debt and deficits are at all-time highs.

It imposes large tax increases on individuals and small businesses during an economic recession when citizens are already paying some of the highest federal, state and local property taxes.

The so-called reform measure levies at 2.5 percent tax on the Garden State's medical device industry that employs more than 300,000 in New Jersey alone at a time when our unemployment rate is nearly 10 percent.

The measure ignores common-sense malpractice reforms while cutting Medicare by nearly $500 billion.

We want you to support a fiscally responsible alternative that reduces costs and expands insurance coverage without raising taxes, rationing care or putting the government between patient and doctor.

We want you to support the Republican reform bill which includes medical liability reform that will seek to end junk lawsuits that force doctors to practice defensive medicine and drives up health care costs.

We want you to support the GOP alternative for it would allow families and businesses to buy health insurance across state lines while also allowing individuals, small businesses and trade associations to pool together and purchase health insurance at lower prices.

It levies no taxes on New Jersey's medical device industry to help ensure that New Jersey continues to be the "Medicine Chest of the World."

We want you to support the Republican substitute because it is the only health care reform measure that improves what is working in our health care system and fixes what is broken in a fiscally responsible manner without raising taxes or increasing our ever-growing debt and deficit.

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