#Students' Rights
Seminole State College of Florida & Florida Board of Education
United States of America

I am a student at Seminole State College and have now experienced two semesters in which Seminole State has failed to release financial aid in a timely manner.

I was advised by Seminole State I would receive funds for the current semester in 2-3 weeks, it has been 8 weeks and I have yet to receive aid. After these 8 weeks, I was again informed that it would be another 2-3 weeks before my funds would be released.

Seminole continues to provide inadequate explanations for holding funds from students. I recently learned that I am among many students experiencing this issue. I would like to convey to Seminole State that it is unacceptable to affect the lives of students in this way without reasonable cause, hopefully motivating them to resolve this issue so that future students won't go through these same pains.

We the undersigned, call on Seminole State College of Florida to make the needs of its students a priority, to make every effort not to be a cause of or extend the financial restraints of its students.

We are asking students of Seminole State to sign this petition acknowledging your disappointment with the financial aid department and the unacceptable time it is taking for the college to release funds.

We are also asking that you attend board meetings, go to your local financial aid office to demand answers and complete the survey on Seminole State's website expressing your displeasure with the financial aid department.

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