#Animal Welfare
To send a petition with as many signatures as possible to olx.com management.

On average there is a new advertisement for a pet being sold every four minutes on OLX Egypt's website. The majority of these pets are stolen or bred in dire conditions and sold on the site. Because of the ease of offering animals for sale on this website, many embrace this opportunity to make money and use animals as objects which brings 'easy cash' and not caring less about the abused animal itself.

The incredible increase in dog theft in the past few years in Egypt has been a direct result from being able to sell animals on olx.com which does not only advertise pets for sale, but also for breeding and in cases also for dog fighting.

Most reputable e-commerce websites such as ebay and amazon do NOT allow the sale of pets on their platforms and this is a petition to show olx.com that there are many animal lovers in Egypt who believe animals should be strictly forbidden on their site.

This petition simply wants OLX Egypt to remove the sale of animals on it's website and only promote adoption from registered animal rescue groups and shelters.

If you are an animal lover in Egypt, or simply believe that the trading of innocent souls should not be traded by in this cruel way please sign the petition.

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