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Authorities of animal welfare and environment conservation

This petition is an aim to change the law to stop people in Australia from catching and cutting up sea turtles alive! See this video to see what is happening http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a2viq3DBdjo&feature=youtu.be

Sea turtles are becoming endangered and soon will be non-existent if we keep letting this happen. Currently in Australia it is legal to cut up a sea turtle, and this really is not acceptable! What this petition will do is gather as many signatures as possible to present to the authorities.

Sea turtles are important to our eco-system particularly the marine system, and if we allow this culling to happen for too much longer, they will be extinct, and our marine environment WILL suffer! Sea turtles contribute to our environment in the way of keeping the marine life going by eating sea grass (like normal lawn grass that needs to be mowed to keep a lawn healthy) the sea bed needs to be kept healthy to keep going and keep everything alive, and the seabeds provide breeding ground and developmental grounds for all other marine species AND in turn marine life contribute to OUR land environment by providing a balance in the air and water, and their eggs provide nutrition to the vegetation on the beach and dunes too, so sea turtles are extremely important.

Would YOU want your life taken away cruelly by someone else the way people have killed these turtles? Would you want your beaches to disappear or become unsafe? (because as mentioned above, turtles provide the nutrients to keep the sea going) And would you want your survival needs taken away from you if turtles are killed off? Please help us save the turtles. They have been around for millions of years even after dinosaurs became extinct, so we really need to keep the sea turtles alive and breeding.

Please sign the petition and pass it around by email, facebook, twitter and other networking sites.

Thank you for your compassion and support in this cause.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian authorities in animal welfare and environment conservation/protection, to make a new law that makes it illegal to catch sea turtles and kill them alive.

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