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Dentek, Parnell, Cotton Mouth Candy Co, MedActive, Hager, Rite Aid, and CVS
United States of America

This petition is led by dental professionals. The targeted seven companies are making and selling in the US oral moisturizer products for dry mouth that are dangerously acidic and causing erosion of teeth.

In August 2017, university researchers Delgado and Olafsson published through NIH an article (which you can view here) reporting that, to be safe, depending on formulation, oral moisturizers should have an acidity level of about 6.7 pH or higher and that all oral moisturizers with a pH below 5.5 are dangerous, citing one with a pH of 3.0.

In March 2018, with additional researchers, they published tests of more oral moisturizers (which you can view here), including measures of erosion.

Seven oral moisturizers sold in the US are reported to be dangerously acidic with a pH below 5.5 and causing teeth erosion:
- OraMoist, by Dentek (2.9 pH)
- Mouth Kote, by Parnell (3.0 pH)
- Cotton Mouth Lozenges, by Cotton Mouth Candy Co (3.1 pH)
- MedActive Oral Relief Lozenges (3.2 pH)
- Hager Pharma Dry Mouth Drops (4.4 pH)
- Rite Aid Dry Mouth Discs (5.1 pH)
- CVS Dry Mouth Discs (5.3 pH)

Oral moisturizers are intended to linger in the mouth as long as possible to relieve dry mouth. Because people with dry mouth cause them to linger in the mouth rather than quickly swallowing them and do not have enough saliva to dilute them, it is important that oral moisturizers not be too acidic. If oral moisturizers are too acidic, they cause teeth erosion.

Millions of consumers in the US are using oral moisturizers every day for dry mouth and many of them are suffering teeth erosion from using products that are dangerously acidic with a pH below 5.5. Consumers are offered no warning that the product is harmful for their teeth if they cause it to linger in the mouth. No government agency is regulating oral moisturizers to be sure they do not cause teeth erosion.

We urge the manufacturers of these seven dangerously acidic oral moisturizers to promptly remove these products for dry mouth from the market.

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