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Pastor Rakeshwan Kumar of Baptist Church of Navua allegedly distributed booklets titled "The Traitor" with picture of Maa Mahakali beside it. The entire booklet contains false and fabricated stories and cartoons depicting Maa Maha Kali as false God and a treacherous devil.

The booklet also wrongly and derogatorily states that "Satan created all the gods of India. They are demons who will rob your soul and take you into hell". "Satan controls ALL false gods by telling the great lie.. that after death the soul is reincarnated." The booklets further states "For whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord (Jesus Christ) shall be saved" (from Kali) Romans 10:13.

Kumar has distributed these insulting booklets to denigrate Hindus purposefully to Vasist Muni Schools in Navua and other places. A Police report was filed in 2011 and Kumar placed apologies around Navua and the booklets were seized by Police. However, somehow he or someone got of the seized booklets and commenced distribution again.

We need help from all Hindus to please fill in the petition so we can present this to Government authorities, the Police and Commissioner Central for arrest of Pastor Rakeshwan Kumar for inciting religious hatred and insulting Hindus which is against 2013 Constitution and contravenes the Crimes Decree. His actions amount to sacrilege and we demand the legal authorities to arrest and charge Pastor Rakeshwan Kumar immediately.

The online version of the said booklet is here:

We, the undersigned, hereby call on the Commissioner of Police and relevant authorities to arrest and charge Pastor Rakeshwan Kumar of Baptist Church Navua for sacrilegious acts against Hindus living in Fiji.

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