#Human Rights
Ryanair's Cabin Crew and Thier Rights

We need as many signatures as we can get so the future cabin crew will have a decent working life instead of the ones that we received.

This petition is about Ryanair recruiting people and charging them a sum of £1420 for their training, then they put them into work within 2 days of finishing the training course. Then if you have 1 late (even if your 2 minutes late then they will still get a late against them, 1 no show or even if the base manager doesn't like you, within/soon after a month of working they will/most likely to get fired or forced to resign.

The way they fire people is that they will give the crew member a letter and it will say they would like to have a meeting to discus their probational period. Then on the day of the meeting and waiting a long time (1 hour most people waited - even at the earliest!) for the meeting they will be sitting on a small round table and wait for their names to be called out. It's like waiting to be slaughtered!! It is horrible for all crew to go through.

When they do this they do this to about 20 people at a time in 1 day. When they are fired they will take the whole pay check which is owed to them and use it to pay off the training course. Then they will have the nerve to ring the crew member and ask for the rest of the amount owed and if not then they will take court action. If they were lucky enough to pay off the course before they started training then they will only take out £250 for the first payment they gave you and any more they may have given you, then €200 just because you have left (if under 12 months), £25 for every month you wore the uniform, £30 for the crew bag, then tax, insurance and the rest of it all. Now thats not much is is?? Personally I think it's pure greed!

Further more the way cabin crew are treated is terrible! And if someone doesn't like you all they have to do is make a compliant about the crew member and they will be gone! Literally quick as that! So all the 6 weeks of hard training, test, mind hurting revision, relocation, all the money you have to have to self fund yourself for 3 months and every thing else that goes with it along with the mayor stress could be all for nothing just for something so silly!

Now this petition is to be given to Ryanair as soon as we have enough signatures to give proper rights to Cabin crew who work for Ryanair and who will in the near future work for Ryanair!

The rights we want is as follows: For a proper payment plan for cabin crew not to pay back the training course fee until in full time employment after leaving/getting fired from Ryanair, crewlink or workforce.

Also for Cabin crew not to be fired or forced to resign until at least 3 strikes. (i.e. 2 lates and a no-show = 3 problems/strikes) Also a verbal warning should be given, then a written warning then appropriate action against the crew member.

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