Groundspeak, Inc

Despite many cachers corresponding with you recently about GC45CC Ye Olde Survery Monument, your absolute knowledge of the popularity of this cache and the presented solution of creating a Write Note for repeated finds at different locations, just one month after preventing multiple Found It logs, you have chosen to archive it without notice. We are getting tired of the continued changes that are ignoring the expressed opinions of the cachers playing the game. We like virtuals and believe there is still a place for them - especially as there are places where physical caches cannot be placed (for example the Royal Parks, the nicest green spaces in central London!) We also like webcams. We see no reason for these to disappear, they are a part of the history of the game, even if their popularity does not convince you to continue their creation. Many newer cachers still want to find the older ones. Others love finding the rare. Trig points are highly popular places to search for in the great outdoors and should definitely be included in the game. For many of us, geocaching is about exploring the outside, particularly getting out into countryside and areas of beauty and history. What we really do not need is lots of film pots stuck to street furniture. Introducing alternative sites that are not integrated and then saying they are not popular is not helpful. The decisions regarding event stacking still annoy; we are supposed to look after the earth but you are actively encouraging increased pollution as people are now driving further to attend events and earn souvenirs because no-one can create ones nearer to home. There are also events aimed at different parts of the geocaching population, (such as those who work and those who don't) yet this is not considered when imposing the guideline. You continually impose rules that annoy the geocaching community and we do not understand why.

We, the undersigned, as members of the geocaching community, call upon you to start protecting the older and rarer forms of geocache, find a way of including trig points/survey markers into the game (as you have removed the option we had in the UK), and start asking for our opinion before introducing new rules, or eliminating much loved caches.

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