Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA)

Case Number: PA/05313/20

Location of development: Site at, Tar Raghad, Triq il-Banjijiet Rumani, Mgarr

Description of works: The construction of greenhouses and solar farm (resting on the greenhouses) over an area of approximately 43.303 sqm equivalent to more than 7 football grounds.
Applicant: Joseph Schembri

Architect: Perit Ruben Sciortino

Reception date: 21 July 2020

This project will be an eyesore and further degrade Mgarr's traditional village environment, encroach on virgin ODZ land and endanger:

• Traditional rubble walls and their habitats.
• Traditional Maltese Girna.
• Garigue ecosystem with its endemic and indigenous plants and shrubs
such as wild thyme which are essential for local bee keepers.
• Destruction of fertile arable land with terrarossa soils to be replaced by
greenhouses with impermeable surfaces, thus minimizing rainwater
percolation in the perched and mean sea level aquifer.
• Fertile arable land which can be used by farmers.
• Minimization of greenery

Solar panels should be placed on other man-made surfaces, such as schools, industrial areas, factories, quarries, where the natural habitats and ecosystems will not be put in jeopardy.

We the undersigned call on MEPA to refuse permission to the above project PA/05313/20, consisting of the construction of greenhouses and solar farm (resting on the greenhouses) as this will further degrade Mgarr's picturesque village environment encroach on ODZ arable land and also will be detrimental to the residents quality of life.

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