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Those who approve said research

New research is bringing the possibility of screening for autistic embryos closer. This would mean that a woman could choose to abort an otherwise healthy embryo on the grounds of autism. This is just plain wrong.

Many people do not understand the basic facts about autism. Allow me to explain them. Autistics do not function well in social situations, preferring to be alone or only with close friends once in a while. They often interpret things literally and do not "get" jokes. They can be of average or above average intelligence, as opposed to the false view that they are in any way retarded. They can talk at length about the things that interest them.

Neurotypicals (so-called "normal people") see autistic people as "weird" because they don't understand autism.

As an autistic person myself, I think it is shocking that we are seen as somehow unhuman. Who says we have less right to life than anyone else? This "research" is in violation of our human rights.

What if they wanted to abort homosexuals or something? There'd be outrage, of course. Both are merely different ways of thinking.

Stop this research! We have as much right to live as anyone else!! We are as human as the rest of you!

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