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Please sign this petition to stop the aging, 12th century old guard, Mastodonian, establishment Republicans from thinking they can insidiously and self-servingly -- and let's do lunch with our obsequious sycophant special interest followers -- stick in some lame, cowardly, lazy -- go along with Barump Obama on every issue, lie to the people who voted for you and not so subtly, steal the consensus of the American people from Donald Trump -- and stick in some marionette of ours into the Republican candidacy for President.

Pardon me, but wasn't it twenty minutes ago that the old guard, unabashedly hated Ted Cruz? And now he still sits on the side with all his delegates. Forgive me, but Ted Cruz sounds like Kathryn Kuhlman on steroids as well as a greasy, greedy, nasal, TV minister who needs to have his deviated septum fixed And John Kasich, the one state wonder, pancake devouring Gov., must be living in an alternate reality to think he should be proclaimed the Presidential Candidate. There really is a faction who's still planning an end run. Seriously -- David French? Who?

I doubt either marionette for the GOP, Ted or John would fare well with Shrillary Clinton or whomever they pull out of a hat to prevent Trump from becoming President. And don't even get me started on, "Come on down escaped convicts -- I'll cash your checks to get your vote" Clinton. Do you really want someone who was paid handsomely for speaking and cuddling up to Wall Street allegedly including Goldman Sacks and an Enron-Connected Bank and on and on as your President?

Please sign this petition and let's set our goal for a million signatures to send a giant "Stop It" flag to the old Republican guard. I'm one of the millions who distrust and/or hate our present crony capitalist system. Their attitude is -- "What's the least I can do for you and I MEAN the very least!"

Well, surprise! This just in -- We, the good citizens of America just don't care what YOU want. You have failed us. It isn't some coincidence the fine people of our country are bleeding and thus -- rebelling. You obviously need a wake-up call for how to support the will of the intelligent, discerning and actually paying keen attention -- American People who got you elected in the first place, dammit! We, the fine, American people are not going to take it anymore. Period. La fin! El final! 最後です, 結, Fund!, Wakas!, 끝, Das Ende!, край!, Konec!, समाप्त, Fine, Slutet!, Kết thúc! and конец! and Die einde!, Koniec!

Stop the Republican Establishment from stealing the nomination from Trump!

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