Western Distributor Upgrade Project

Hi all,
As you might have seen Transport NSW is proposing to upgrade the Western Distributor which includes the removal of parking from Allen street, before Harris Street. This parking is vital for residents and local businesses, it includes the only parking available for people with disabilities as well as removing the only Loading Zone not restricted by Clearway hours.
We are asking for locals to sign the petition to stop this from happening.
You can see more on the project here:

The "upgrade" proposes 3 lanes east bound off the Anzac Bridge onto Allen Street as they see this as a bottle neck, this would include the removal of all parking to create the new lane.

Partial increase to the traffic and bottle neck effect here has been from the removal of the right hand turn on to the Westerns Distributor to access the Harbour Bridge and CBD at Fig and Harris Street, this has caused people to have to drive around the block.
This proposed change does not remedy the problem and creates another problem.

We want the parking on Allen Street, Pyrmont to remain as it is.
We don't want it removed or modified.

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