Department of Correctional Services
South Africa

Our grandparents were brutally tortured and murdered 19 years ago... the 4 killers got a double life sentence... now after 18 years they are able to apply for Parole because there is a glitch in the system.

The killers believe that they are rehabilitated – they have done a candle making course and a course on how not to abuse children. Two of the killers have been recommended for release – the third killer – can come out on a daily basis until he can prove himself. The fourth killer – they don’t know if he is alive or dead, cannot trace him! That killer was out on another murder parole when he committed this crime.

It is now up to the Correctional Department to deny their parole request… Please help us stop their release. There are too many people being murdered by ruthless killers.

Please help us fight against their release.

Justice has not been served.

Please circulate to everyone and anyone who wants to sign this petition!

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