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Times Of India

It has been observed for the past two to three years, that the newspaper that we all know - Times Of India is beginning to get more and more pornographic in nature. They have started writing about drugs, sex, sleaze, with outrageous photographs that more often in the name of glamour, are not even relevant to the article itself.

These articles are most often exposed to young boys and girls, the effects of which are drastic. This petition requests the readers to stop reading/subscribing to these newspapers to avoid getting their young children getting addicted to this pornography too early in their lives.

Instead please encourage good papers like the Deccan Herald or the Hindu, to inculcate a sense of knowledge and proper education in your children. (The petitioner is from Bangalore, Karnataka)

We, the undersigned, request the honourable chief minister of Karnataka and other eminent personalities, to eliminate such blatant pornographic and suggestive articles from this newspaper.

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