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On June 1 2007 European REACH Regulation entered in force. Previous chemicals, partially already being on the market before 1981, were to be tested on a common standard, again or in first instance. This order was given, though it was known, that millions of animals would die in toxicological tests under painful circumstances.

It seems, that at this point of time, nobody had the slightest notice how many animals really should be needed (sacrificed). There was merely some data that were about 30 000 chemical substances to be tested and that possible 10 to 20 millions of animals were needed.

On round tables there was juggling with charges of animals, as if it were pieces of wood or metal, but not lively creatures were concerned. Have once a time anyone of these politicians visited a lab and had a look of the terror and the pain these animals have to suffer day by day? It seems that in all the figures miscalculation was given in every respect.

“Up to the end of 2008 companies made 2,7 millions of so called pre-registrations with the authorities , based on 140.000 chemicals”, according “Sueddeutsche Zeitung”.

But now some experts estimate that, according to new calculations, about 50 millions of animals will be needed to find out whether poisons of daily life will influence fertility. Well-said, we only speak about numbers of the European area, as every company intending to enter the European market, have to undergo the REACH Regulation, too. In order of REACH, companies have now to deliver the proof that their products are harmless for the environment and humans.

Animal toxicity (poisoning) testing is cruel, scientifically unreliable and cannot be used to properly predict how human beings will react to a chemical. Critical differences in anatomy, physiology, metabolism and biochemistry make extrapolation of results from one species to another at best unreliable and at worst dangerous. Most of the animal tests still used today have never been scientifically validated to prove their accuracy, relevance and repeatability, and some have even failed retrospective validation.

By contrast non-animal (in vitro) alternative techniques are more ethical, reliable and often faster and cheaper to perform. Animal experiments should be eliminated from the testing regimes that will result from the European Commission's proposed EU Chemicals Policy, and replaced with in vitro alternatives. As part of this policy, massively increased funding for the fast-track development and validation of priority in vitro tests is key. This would both encourage innovation and benefit all stakeholders concerned with human safety, environmental protection, animal welfare and consumer confidence.

The committee Antidote Europe elaborated revolutionary alternative technologies. They claim all chemical substances can be tested without animals. The internationally renowned physicist / biophysicist Professor Claude Reiss and his team developed a Scientific Toxicology Program. It is based on human cell cultures and DNA Chips. It is cheaper, faster and without animal suffering.

Before the adoption of REACH Regulation the British Association BUAV - "British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection" and the ECEAE - "European Coalition to End Animal Experiments" make public that it is possible that all required chemical tests may undertake without animals.

We as enlightened people, as friends of the animals and the environment worldwide, as citizens and taxpayers, we ask the European Commission and the European Parliament urgently to stop the European REACH regulation immediately.

Millions of animals suffer a cruel death because humans produce highly toxic chemicals and want to sell them worldwide. Animals are no measuring instruments for toxic substances! They feel pain, fear and suffering as well as humans. The results from animal studies are also controversial among scientists and the results of animal experiments are not applicable to the human organism. Animal testing is a crime against helpless creatures.

It is ethically understandable for any normal thinking person that toxins and chemicals are tested in agonizing animal experiments. Especially not for products that have been around for decades on the trade. If new products or old products are so toxic and dangerous, so that the Commission believes that one must first determine the lethal dose for it, they belong neither to the environment and nor in our body. Either there are methods to test these substances without animal experiments or not. These substances have to be forbidden! We do not longer accept the chemicals testing on animals.

Research is important and control of chemicals, too. But not tested on animals! There are enough alternatives.

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