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Raymond NH Town planning board
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Raymond, NH is a quaint little town offering several beautiful scenic locations and is truly a spectacular recreation area with exquisite wildlife.

A proposal has been submitted by Thibeault Sand & Gravel to quarry along Route 27 on land totaling more than 200 acres. The proposal states that up to 150 trucks that weigh 48 tons will make round trips on Route 27 each day. This will impact the town’s people significantly with increased noise, truck traffic and potential for blasting accidents.

Nearby property values will plummet, noise will disrupt our lives as both dynamite blasting and the continuous rock blasting will be heard. Blasting will send vibrations through the ground which may lead to multiple house damages; cracked floors and cracked foundations, to damage from flying rocks. This will also cause damage to our wells and local lakes. There will be a high rock cliff created that will be a danger to neighborhood children as well as the reduction of animal habitat. The land is home to a diversity of wildlife that will be forced to relocate. Finally, this immediate area is home to the future water supply for the town of Raymond and the proposed quarry operation will jeopardize its safety.

Let us come together to fight this operation from occurring in our town!!

Say No to quarry,
Save our town's glory!

We, the undersigned, wish to state our total opposition to the proposal to site a quarry development between the Lamprey River, wetlands and residential homes in the scenic location along Route 27 in Raymond, NH.


The Undersigned

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