#Human Rights
South African government

A child is raped every 3 minutes in South Africa. South Africa is the rape capital of the world - 40% of victims are children.

Rape and sexual abuse is a widespread and frequent occurrence in South Africa. Victims often don't receive proper support or help from the police. Many perpetrators are not sentenced and are let back into the community where they continue to intimidate, threaten and sexually assault their victims.

Sign this petition to urge the South African government to take action to stop rape.

We, the undersigned, call on the South African government to stop rape by:

- introducing a rape prevention programme in South African schools to raise awareness of rape and sexual abuse, including signposting help & support resources in schools as a compulsory part of the curriculum;

- changing the law to ensure rapists get tougher sentences and tougher sentences for those who break the terms of their probation;

- ensuring that rape and sexual abuse victims get the appropriate help and support from the police and other agencies by providing adequate funding and information.

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