The Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
Trinidad and Tobago

A critical aspect of the mission of the Asa Wright Nature Centre is to conserve the natural environment of the Arima Valley.

The cost of performing this mission is entirely financed by the operation of theworld famous eco-lodge situated at the 7½mm on the Arima-Blanchisseuse Road. The continued feasibility of this hotel operation and the livelihood of all the persons dependent upon it, directly or indirectly, but also the health of all living things in the valley, are now threatened by the continued expansion of the quarry operated by National Quarries Limited (NQL) lower down the Arima Valley.

The main concern is the loss of biodiversity and watershed management and the other ecological services provided by forests under threat. We must also concern ourselves with the adverse impact of the huge scar left by the quarry operations on the natural beauty of the valley, the centre's stock in trade.

The deforestation of the steep slopes of the Arima valley and the noise from the detonation of explosives undoubtedly have negative impacts on wildlife and the ecosystem of the area generally.

We, the undersigned, demand an immediate halt to quarrying activity which now directly affects Asa Wright Nature Centre and the flora and fauna in the lush valley in which it is situated.

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