#Human Rights
Commonwealth Attorney of Portsmouth Virginia
United States of America

On January 10 Th of 2001 Jake Rice's bond was revoked at his preliminary hearing. At his trial on March 13 th of 2001 his trial date, Mr. Rice's attorney was approached by assistant commonwealth attorney Andrew Robins about having Mr. Rice released on bond if he would agree to a continuance. The lawyer and Mr. Rice agreed. The judge agreed to, saw no reason for Mr. Rice's bond not to be reinstated so it was.

The trial was rescheduled for April. The first judge almost dismissed the case and made statements that he was going to. At the new trial date there was a new judge with out notice and this one knew the victim. Mr. Rice was convicted of a 3rd degree felony and sentenced to 10 years, serving 6 with 4 of probation.

This was Mr. Rice's first offence and the judge made it clear that another judge would have found Mr. Rice innocent but he need to make some unvoiced point.

After the trial in April Mr. Robins testified that Mr. Rice's bond was revoked due to a clerical error in the commonwealth attorney's office and that if it had not been for this mistake Mr. Rice would not have spent 2 months in jail. There is no law or recourse for someone wronged by the commonwealth attorney's office.

We respectfully request a full investigation into the wrongdoing and civil rights violations committed by Mr. Andrew Robins an assistant commonwealth attorney in Portsmouth. We also request a review and revision into the way prosecutors do their job

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