#City & Town Planning
Mayor and City Council of Milton, Georgia
United States of America

Arrowhead Real Estate Partners LLC is proposing a high density, 2-story, 95-unit Assisted Living and 17 townhome development on the corner of Bethany Bend and Cogburn roads – a property designated AG1 and strictly no Sewer.

Why is new commercial and residential development inconsistent with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan and typical densities found within this area being entertained or permitted by the City of Milton. In addition we fail to comprehend why the city would incorporate this designated AG lot as a test within their new initiative to re-zone highway 9 .

How long before Cogburn, Bethany and other neighboring roads cease to be the gateway to the rural heritage we all desire and becomes instead the gateway to development and commercialization.

The approval of this commercial development will amongst other things greatly increase traffic at this intersection, adversely impact the peaceful nature of our Central Milton community and cause further economic harm and hardship to homeowners.

We, the undersigned residents of the City of Milton, Georgia, attest that we are in opposition to the installation of a new development located at the Northeast corner of Bethany Bend and Cogburn Roads, Arrowhead Real Estate Partners LLC, as follows:

To rezone from AG-1 (Agricultural) to O-I (Office-Institutional) to develop a 95 unit, 2 story, assisted living facility on approximately 4.733 acres. A concurrent variance is also requested to delete the 75 foot buffer and 10 foot improvement setback along the east property line. (Section 64-1091 (b))

To rezone from AG-1 (Agricultural) to TR (Townhouse Residential) and to reduce the minimum side yard setback for single family lots from 7 feet to 5 feet (Sec 64-669(i) (2)(a)). To reduce the minimum rear setback for the single family lots from 25 feet to 20 feet (Sec 64-669(i)(3))

Citizen’s adopted the Vision for Milton to embrace small town life and heritage while preserving and enhancing our rural character. That’s ALL our respective rural characters not just the chosen few. We are asking the city of Milton to enforce the sewer requirements and the 2030 comprehensive land use plan adopted 6/6/2011. The above applications are inconsistent with the land use, zoning, and density as specified in the adopted plan.

The current application is requesting a density of 20 units per acre on 4.73 acres for the assisted living facility, and 3.5 units per acre on 4.35 acres for the town homes compared to the specified 1 unit per acre. The commercial and institutional nature of this proposed development goes against the cities definition and vision for central Milton.

We have a vested interest in preserving the value of our homes and community and are emphatically and vehemently opposed to the further erosion of our quality of life by the commercialization of properties and expansion of sewer down Cogburn and Bethany roads and further into Central Milton.

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