Bassline (Johannesburg) & The Assembly (Cape Town)
South Africa

Christianity is the dominant religion in South Africa, with almost 80% of the population in 2001 professing to be Christian. No single denomination predominates, with mainstream Protestant churches, Pentecostal churches, African initiated churches, and the Catholic Church all having significant numbers of adherents. Importantly, there is significant and sustained syncretism with African Traditional Religion among most of the self-professed Christians in South Africa.

Of the total national population of 44.8 million, 35.8 million or 79.8% identified as members of a Christian denomination. According to Wikipedia the 2001 Census (2011 Census did not ask about religion) there are currently 35,765,251 Christians in The Rainbow Nation, making SA one of the leading nations still following Jesus Christ.

However - There are certain Blasphemous Media/Music/Event Organisations and venues corrupting the minds of individuals by letting Blatant Satanic International Artists/Bands come to our Beautiful country and perform, spreading their filthy message to their following and glorifying Devils/Demons. This "right" which they label as "Freedom of Speech" and "Constitutional Law" and the uprising in Record Labels/Event Companies completely undermines the majority and ethical values our "fair" nation stands for and abolishes the Christian values our forefathers and leaders took generations to build to create Freedom in SA.

By Venues allowing these organisations to book events on their premises and blaspheme God openly, promotes pure evil Hate Speech. If we can't shut these companies down completely, then let's stand together to slow them down at least and urge the venues to cancel booked Satanic events and discourage more Sacrilegious artist from arriving on our shores to pollute the minds of our youth. Not to spoil their "fun", but to protect them! Below are some examples of upcoming shows in 2016 with Band Names and Venues included (feel free to google them and see for yourself):

Promoter: Witchdoctor Productions (follow link provided)

Events Booked:
26th March 2016 – Bassline – Johannesburg
27th March 2016 – The Assembly – Cape Town
Friday 01 July 2016 – Bassline – Johannesburg
Saturday 02 July 2016 – The Assembly – Cape Town

If you feel you would like to contact the Venues directly:

10 Henry Nxumalo Street / Newtown / Johannesburg /
Tel: 011-838 9142/5/6 / info@bassline.co.za

61 Harrington Street, Cape Town, South Africa
Tel: 021 465 7286
Pierre Coetzee - info@theassembly.co.za / +27 21 465 7286

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Psalms 33:12-22 - Blessed [is] the nation whose God [is] the LORD; [and] the people [whom] he hath chosen for his own inheritance.

Let's stand together for Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour and prove that South Africa still supports Christianity as the facts proclaim! If we as Christians just stand back and do nothing, Evil will prevail...

James 4:17 (NIV)
"If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn't do it, it is sin for them."

We, the undersigned, call on Venues, Consumers and Artists to Boycott Satanic Influenced Organisations in South Africa and Avoid any related Business dealings with them.

We also call on Christian Artists to not partake in events that are sponsored by Satanic Influenced Companies/Agencies or perform at venues that support the Anti-Christ Movement of these Establishments.

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