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City Council of the City of Bethlehem
United States of America

Bethlehem City Council has recently voted to end funding for a public transportation route commonly known as “The Loop” which offers residents and visitors to the city alike a low cost method to get from the newly built Sands Casino & Resort to businesses which are locally owned.

While we do not disagree with this decision we do feel that it is unfair to have public transportation funding cut when city employees are getting a free ride.

The Mayor of the City of Bethlehem has use of a car which is paid for with the city’s money. We are also aware that there are city employees who drive city owned cars home. One of these city employees live as far away as the Lansdale area (90 miles round trip). While it is understandable that city vehicles have to be used in official city work on a day to day basis it is not acceptable that public funds be used for private use of these same vehicles.

The private sector, for the most part, does not supply employees with vehicles and the city should follow this example. City employees, including the Mayor of the City of Bethlehem should use their own cars and deduct any miles used for official business (such as going to meetings, ribbon cutting ceremonies, or speaking engagements) from their personal income taxes just like the rest of us do.

If it is expressly necessary to have a city vehicle for official business which is outside of normal day to day activities the Mayor of the City of Bethlehem could at that time sign out a car on a temporary basis.

By signing this petition we ask the Council of the City of Bethlehem to pass a resolution which will limit use of city owned vehicles to official business only.

If the citizens of the City of Bethlehem can’t have a discounted ride, the city officials shouldn’t have a free one.

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