Bio Security Queensland

This is a petition to Prevent Peak Organics Farm from losing it’s organic certification due to any blanket ‘preventative’ Fire Ant Treatment proposed by Bio Security Queensland,
Fire Ants are an imported pest and must be eradicated.
However, the ‘prevention of fire ant treatment’ proposed for the Ivory’s Rock Property - in particular on all land designated organically certified, and specifically the Peak Organics principal growing area (2.6 hectares) - will result in Peak Organics Farm losing its organic certification for up to 3 years!

In the event of detection of fire ants, organically safe treatments are available.

Peak Organics is a small business, but this 'blanket preventative treatment for fire ants' has implications for growers of organic foods throughout the whole of Queensland.

We the undersigned ask that Bio Security Queensland excludes the principal growing area at Ivory's Rock (ie Peak Organics) from any preventive blanket treatment. If treatment is required, Bio Security Queensland is asked to use an organic method authorized by NASAA so that Peak Organics will retain its organic certification.

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The Stop Preventative Fire Ant Treatment at Peak Organics: Keep Organic Certification! petition to Bio Security Queensland was written by Anita Greenwood & Janet Findlay and is in the category Health at GoPetition.