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Being at the same address for almost seven years and with the supply and demand in the extreme 100 plus temperatures. Utility companies should not be allowed to turn your electricity off due to them wanting another deposit.

Overall when you look at my history my bill does get paid every month and when it is late I pay a late charge. But for them to strip me of my electricity just because I do not make extra money to hand them over an extra 500 dollars.

I am human so I am not perfect but i do work my tail off to give them there money every month. Being a single father of a 4yr old and barely make over the poverty level they do not take that into any consideration. So now after ongoing hours of begging and pleaing for them to reconnect my power I had to again make an agreement at there mercy to come up with this deposit within 2 weeks. I do have a more descriptive written document on rip-off report under Arizona Public Services disconnected for deposit phoenix az.

I am asking this to be signed for the purpose of these power companies to not have the rights to disconnect services when you have obtained a long term business relationship and have been faithfull in showing effort on paying your bills.

And to see that as long as the effort is being applied on making payments every month that should show for good credit and a deposit not be a demand.

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