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I entered the poetry.com contest and i supposedly won. The only thing is they want you to buy stuff. It's wrong because if we porduced it don't you think they should be paying us a little bit of the money that they make every time they sell a book with our poem in it or just our poem period?

this petition is simply to stop big corporations from taking from the poor. They think they can get away with everything just because they're rich.I mean we provide the product and they want us to buy our own product, it's absurd and ridiculouss.

Those people get our hopes up then crush them and they don't care. I think it's about time we opened our eyes and made them pay what they should have a long time ago.

By stopping scams like this you help the poor.

Please sign this as a statment to stop the rich taking from the poor. The poetry.com scam is just one example of taking from poorer people. For years the rich have taken from the poor to only make themselves richer, now its time they give it back. Sign you won't be disappointed I promise.

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