Maryland & Oregon Governors

Please sign this petition because I want to close down poetry.com, famouspoets.com, and also related websites. There have been suggestions that their intentions are not what they seem to be. I refuse to let them continue to get away with ripping people off, and I will do what it takes to get those poetry contests shut down!

"Hidden among the many sponsors of legitimate literary contests advertised on the internet lurk those who care nothing about literature, its audience, or authors. These unscrupulous organizations and individuals exist solely to get into your wallet through their so-called writing or poetry contests. Often you'll find these free poetry contests lavishly advertised in your local newspaper."

More information can be found at http://www.windpub.com/literary.scams/

I need your help in closing those websites down to stop them from scamming more people!

We, the undersigned, call for the websites 'Poetry.com','Famouspoets.com' and related websites to be shut down.

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