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The Atlantic Gateway is the name for an organized transportation system built with provincial and federal funds. Specific criteria must be met to meet federal funding requirements. In an effort to qualify for federal funds, the Prince Edward Island Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal developed three proposals and had public consultations in Fall 2011, but in the end chose a completely different plan unseen by the public.

WHEREAS: This plan was not discussed with local residents before it was announced, as approved by Cabinet in December 2011, contrary to the Minister's claims of an "open and transparent" process;

AND WHEREAS: Spending eight million dollars (provincial) and eight million dollars (federal) for one stretch of highway is wasteful and extravagant, when our province has many more pressing fiscal needs, e.g., “Where will money come from to maintain other roads on Prince Edward Island?”, and “What additional spending cuts will have to be made in other government departments?” are questions that demand answers;

AND WHEREAS: Safety on this section of the Trans-Canada could be improved at a fraction of the cost, without destruction of forests and fields or displacement of people from their homes;

AND WHEREAS: The proposed project ignores the safety problems of high speed traffic in Bonshaw and New Haven;

AND WHEREAS: No public meetings have been held, no environmental assessments completed, yet property owners have been told they must be out by August;

AND WHEREAS: The proposed new highway goes through arable fields and untouched woods, and right above the popular Bonshaw Hills hiking trail and Crosby's Mill fishing area;

AND WHEREAS part of the road would run north of the CBC tower, bringing high levels of light and noise pollution to the homes and businesses on the Green Road in Bonshaw, affecting tourism and rural tranquility,

We, the undersigned, call upon the Government of Prince Edward Island to reconsider their current plan to build a new highway from Bonshaw to New Haven based on concerns about need, cost and environmental impact.

Any upgrades for safety should be made in a cost-efficient manner to the existing road, after consultations with local residents.

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