#Animal Rights
United States of America

For a long time I thought Petsmart was an awesome place like a zoo, to look at the animals. This is not true. Petsmart is cruel, one of their main problems is the fact that they view pets as items to be bought, or gifts, toys really.

Small pets are none of these things. They think that animals are just ways to keep children amused and make money. They are wrong, these animals aren’t toys to be bought on a whim then discarded when you get bored. They have lives!

One of the biggest money making times for toy stores is Christmas right? Well Petsmart decided to get in on the fun. They put the idea in are heads that small pets are easy, five minute fun items to buy. This is not true small pets can live 10 years depending on the type, and are lots of work. We can’t just buy our children a pet every time they get bored. The have lives, thoughts, and feelings.

My petition is simple, Petsmart needs to explain the fact that small pets can be difficult to care for Petsmart needs to let new pet owners know that. They also need to stop treating pets as toys, but as living creatures. Especially in advertising, they are not toys to be bought and should not be treated like that.

Finally I want to say that if you read this petition and don’t sign it you are like them, if we do nothing when something can be done we are just as bad as them. And thank you everyone.


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