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Bahai citizen, Vajihollah MirzaGolpour was released today (Monday, May 9th) on a $10.000 bail.

According to House of Human Rights in Iran,RAHANA, Tonekabon's attorney general issued the bail on Sunday but eventhough Mr.MirzaGolpour's family had managed to provide the bail , the release procedure was not completed as an expert opinion was needed to determine the value of the bail(the document used as the bail) today, with the confirmation from an expert, Mr.MirzaGolpour was released after eleven days of arrest,torture and public insult. (NOTE: This does not mean the end of his persecution, as many prisoners of conscience released on exorbitant bail have continued to face various forms of harassment, including summons to interrogation and even re-imprisonment.)

Previous news of persecution:

Baha’i citizen Vajiollah Mirza-Golpour who had been led around the city with shackles in order to be humiliated has been transferred to the Execution Ward.

His family stated that during their prison visit, he stated that he is held in the execution ward of prison.

His interrogator has informed him that he will undergo a harsh interrogation in the upcoming days. Golpour is suffering from heart problems and is deprived of the basic rights of a prisoner. He has to sleep on the ground in prison.

Baha'i faith citizen Vajiollah Mirza-Golpour has been released on bail. This is welcome news, but it does not mean that Mr. Mirza-Golpour is free from harassment at the hands of the regime.

Any charges which are pending against him, as well as all acts of persecution against him for peacefully practicing his Baha'i faith, must be immediately halted, as they violate not only international laws to which Iran is a signatory state, but also the very laws of Iran themselves.

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