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Sefton Council/Local Government
United Kingdom

MMAAPP’s objection to Peel Holdings proposal AS17 to build a massive industrial/logistics complex on highly productive and most valued agricultural greenbelt. A development which would destroy habitat and prime food growing land, encourage urban sprawl and see communities merge. We are campaigning to protect the land and support development on alternative brownfield sites.

We would hope that Sefton Council will reject plan AS17 as inappropriate on agricultural greenbelt that is an essential gap between communities.

By 2030 the UK will need an additional 2 million hectares of good growing land. Why allow our best, most productive asset to be destroyed now, when brownfield sites are available, and are as well or even better connected for Peel’s purposes? Once it’s gone it’s gone: Forever.

Thank you for your support.

We, the undersigned, are petitioning for the right for our nominated speaker (Mr John Hoggarth) to represent MMAAPP (Melling, Maghull and Aintree Against Peel Plan) to present our case in opposition to Peel Holdings proposal AS17 to Sefton Council at both Full Council Meeting and Planning Committee Meeting.

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