#City & Town Planning
Croydon, London
United Kingdom

Croydon Council has announced plans to site 3 traveller & gypsy camps (2 permanent sites and 1 emergency stopping site) in the locality to accommodate 49 pitches / families.

All 3 of these sites are within a 3 mile radius of one another and are all in the heathfield ward (the other 2 sites are on Coombe Lane near to Lloyd Park)
They propose to purchase private land at Pear Tree Farm on Featherbed Lane (who do not want to sell) at enormous cost to the tax payer (they would have to compulsory purchase the land at a cost estimated to be circa £5million) and to then develop it for use of the traveller & gypsy community (at further enormous cost to the tax payer - estimated at circa £2million due to the contamination and clean up)
This site is wholly unsuitable from a financial, environmental and practical perspective as it is in the middle of ancient woods, opposite Hutchinson's Bank Nature reserve, next to Frylands Wood Scout Centre and on a main country road with no pavement or street light making entry to and exit from the site impossible and extremely dangerous on foot.

We, the undersigned, call on Croydon council to seek alternative and more practical sites within the borough for their proposed traveller and gypsy camp at Pear Tree Farm (Featherbed Lane).

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