#Roads & Transport
CEO South West Trains
United Kingdom

March 10, 2006

Recently the Train station has become far busier and its car park cannot cope with the amount of cars. So motorists have parked down one side of Stroudley Way.

However because of the increase in Cars they are now parking on pavements making it difficult to exit driveways / Junctions and although this has been reported to the Police nothing has been done as it is seen as a low priority.

Hedge End _ Grange Park is a Low crime area and we pay the council tax to police it that way. SO WHER ARE THEY?

It is against The Road Traffic Act 1991 c.40 to park on the pavements and across driveways. It will devalue your house (should yu wanty sell it by 10 - 15k).

We, the undersigned, want double yellow lines on the House side of Stroudley Way. Parking should also be policed properly.

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