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Carole spent the last two and a half years of her life in a secure unit against her wishes and the wishes of myself, Carole's next of kin. She was over medicated to the point that she could no longer perform even the most basic tasks like, eating and going to the toilet.

She was denied the right to make her own decisions on her future. All of the decisions made about her future care were made behind closed doors. Carole would be called in at the end to be told what her future held. She was also denied basic medical care which led to her death at the age of just 51.

Carole's health problem was a treatable one but, too many drugs in her system meant that no anethsetist would look at her. If she had been taken to see a medical doctor earlier she would still be here today.

We the undersigned call on parliament to stop over medicating mental health patients. Over medication can lead to severe physical problems and death. It must not be allowed to go on.

We would also like to see, better medical health checks being carried out. The physical health of mental health patients tends to be overlooked. This can also lead to sever physical problems including death and has to stop.

we would also like to see all meetings recorded. This would eliminate the possibility of any omissions, alterations of falsifying of records. It would also ensure that the patient had in fact been present whilst decisions about their future care were being discussed. Ensuring that their wishes were definitely being taken into account.

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